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I recently found something really cool if you're into the Keurig Coffee makers. You can now Reuse your Keurig K-Cups! Check it out!

Musings and Pontifications is our personal blog, where we post whatever comes to mind. You are welcome to join in the discussion, as long as you keep it nice.

I love bonsai trees, and have posted a picture gallery of my few feeble efforts in that art form. I hope you find them interesting, and welcome any comments or suggestions on the trees. None of these trees really qualify as bonsai. Consider them works in progress, with the potential to one day be bonsai. Some might call them potensai, or potential bonsai.

There is also The Ministry Resource Online where you can find all manner of resources related to the Bible and its meaning for your life. There are sermons and Bible study materials freely available, as well as links to many other wonderful resources on the internet for Bible study. Please note that this is a separate site, with no return link to this one. You'll need to use the BACK button on your browser, or re-enter the address for JohnsonAcres.com to get back to this page.

Castopark is a blog dedicated to family communication and sharing.

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